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NAIA Scores & Postseason Qualification - Competitive Cheer & Competitive Dance
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With Qualifying Competitions being three weeks away, please take some time to review the qualifying procedure for the 2018 NAIA Competitive Cheer & Dance National Championships.

Linked are two documents that shares scores that have been reported this season thus far that will go towards the Year End Score: CHEER | DANCE


12 cheer teams and 12 dance teams (24 total) will advance to the national championships.

Scoring at the qualifying competitions and national championships will follow the structure outlined in the NAIA Competitive Cheer Rulebook and the NAIA Competitive Dance Rulebook.  

Qualifying Competitions/National Championship Qualifying Process

Four qualifying competitions will be held at Baker University, Morningside College, Siena Heights University and Lindenwood University on either February 23rd or 24th. Click HERE to see assignments for Qualifying Competitions.  Teams and student-athletes competing must meet eligibility requirements set through the NAIA Eligibility Center. Teams that are declared varsity and eligible for postseason must compete in at their assigned Qualifying Competition; failure to do so will result in a declaration of intent violation.

The qualifying competition will be a one-day event including both a preliminary round and a final round. Preliminary scores will seed the teams for the final round.

The top team for the cheer division and for the dance division from each qualifying competition will automatically advance to the national championship as an automatic qualifier.

The placement and winners of each division (cheer and dance) will be determined based on overall highest final score of each team in each division.

The remaining at-large berths per division will be filled using the following formula:

  • Any declared varsity competitive dance teams who competed at a qualifying competition will have their final scores compiled, then ranked highest to lowest across all groups.
  • A “Year End Score” will be created for each declared varsity competitive dance team using the following method:
  • Regular season competition scores reported through SID Help using NAIA Scoresheets will be averaged together creating an average season score
  • 40% of a team’s average season score and 60% of a team’s final regionals score will added together to create a “Year End Score”
  • “Year End Scores” will be used to rank teams in order from highest to lowest across all groups
  • At-Large berths will be awarded to the eight highest “Year End Scores” that did not receive an automatic bid

Oklahoma City University will receive a host berth for both divisions.

National Championships

Oklahoma City University is the host of the 2018 Competitive Cheer and Dance National Championships.

The national championship is a two-day event with the preliminary round completed on Friday and the final round completed on Saturday.

One champion will be crowned in the cheer division and one champion will be crowned in the dance division.

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